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Since January 1, 2022, the European regulations known as Green Taxonomy and SFDR have come into effect. But what are the practical impacts of this European regulation on your real estate portfolio?

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Sustainable Commercial RE

Commercial real estate must become more sustainable if it is to reduce its impact on the environment and remain a credible investment option. Our study finds that enhancing environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials is paramount to investors, and that the sector must urgently overcome barriers to demonstrate and, more importantly, achieve improved sustainability.

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Brown Discounting

For many years, ‘greening’ a building was an effective reputation booster. Now, it’s becoming an imperative and real estate investors need to kickstart their pathway to zero carbon if they want to avoid Brown Discounting.

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Gone are the days when a company was evaluated on financial performance alone. In today’s regulatory environment, property management companies must now focus on extra-financial value as well. In the quest to enhance their appeal to investors and tenants, landlords would do well to consider voluntary initiatives like GRESB.

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Data Collection

ESG reportings should not be considered as a one-off project but as an ongoing process that co-exist with regulations, pathways and objectives. Collecting proper and reliable data is a must to answer successfully to all your initiaves through the years.

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Better understanding the dynamics of key real estate players and the progress in adopting and implementing ESG principles is our goal. Through knowledge of our clients and the real estate market we has analyzed the evolution of maturity on sustainability issues over the years, the level of knowledge of real estate portfolios, by stakeholders, through concrete KPIs and the adoption of digital tools to facilitate data collection and exploitation.

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About our customers

"The combination of Deepki’s experts and its platform was key to creating a roadmap that will allow us to achieve our ESG goals, while monitoring the success of each action. We were able to rely on Deepki’s advice when structuring our strategy and identifying steps to follow."

"I am very satisfied with the support Deepki offered. The GRESB response project unfolded smoothly without any delays and the teams are knowledgeable and friendly."

"With Deepki, we have been able to combine in one tool the tracking and monitoring of our CSR strategy with the needs of extra-financial reporting. Sector leadership recognised by our auditors."

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